CAT 2016 Mock Test – Analysis

So, CAT exam is just weeks forward. Hope you are done with the preparations and revising the things. By this time you will be aware of the syllabus, pattern, tricks and techniques for the exam. We have made an analysis of CAT 2016 Mock test which will help you a lot in cracking in exams. A Mock test was released by IIM to help applicants. This mock test was based on pattern and syllabus for final exam. The mock test is available only for people who have registered on the official website for exam. This mock test was launched on IIM’s official website on 25 October 2016.

If you still haven’t checked the CAT 2016 Mock Test then you can attempt it here (CAT 2016 Mock Test) and know where you stands. For attempting the exam you must fill the login details and you can also take printout for future reference.

What needs to take in Mind while taking exam/mock test :

  • Take care of the time;
  • Turn your weaknesses into strengths;
  • Be confident and focused while giving the exam;
  • Read instructions properly;
  • Appear as if you are giving the final shot.

Exam Pattern of CAT 2016  Mock Test :

There are 100 questions in the mock test. Mock test starts with Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC) which consists 34 questions. Data Interpretation (DI) and Logical Reasoning (LR) is of 32 questions. Quantitative Aptitude (QA) is of 34 questions. Total time allotted for the exam is 180 Minuted (3 Hours). According to the sample paper, VARC have 10 NON-MCQ questions each and DI & LR have 8 NON-MCQ questions. Taking this mock test is mandatory for the students for the point of preparation. This mock test will provide real experience of CAT exam to the students.

Time Management is Secret to Success :

The mock test have 3 sections and the total time allotted is 180 minutes. So, it is very clear that each section needs to be given 60 minutes equally. You cannot switch from one section to another section during the test. The sequence of the exam is fixed and the test will divide 60 minutes automatically to each section. You need to take the test in prescribed order even if you complete one section in 40 minutes you will not be able to attempt next section till next 20 minutes.

CAT 2016 VARC Section :

Last year in 2015, first section of CAT examination was Quantitative Aptitude (QA). This year in 2016 the QA is last section in examination and VARC is the first section. VARC have 34 questions out of which there are 24 questions based on 5 comprehensive passages. Other 10 questions can be based on jumbled sentences, picking odd sentences out of jumbled sentences etc. which can be non-MCQ questions.

CAT 2016 Negative Marking :

Everyone knows that there is negative marking in CAT examination. One mark is deducted for every wrong answer. If you don’t attempt any question then there will not be any negative marking for that non attempted question.

Disclaimer :

In any case the CAT 2016 Mock test doesn’t guarantee that the CAT 2016 exam will be exactly like that. The number of Non-MCQ and MCQ questions can be varied depending on the final examination. For past couple of years mock test were like the final examination but depending only on mock test will not be a good idea. The mock test is just for giving an idea to students so take it as a mock test not blueprint of final examination.

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