Reasons of Being Unsuccessful

Reasons for Being Unsuccessful
Reasons for Being Unsuccessful

Almost everyone of us have faced such a phase in our lives in which we think “Why i am not growing despite of that much hard work?”, “Why i am not getting success?”.

We all have phased such kind of phase in our lives, and here the word “success” doesn’t defines only your career but it defines your relationships, personal development, personal life too, because it is possible that maybe you are getting success in terms of money, but you are unable to handle your any kind of relationships and that’s why your personal life is getting ruined.

Failure Arrows
Failure Arrows

So, let’s discuss all those points that can help us to know why we weren’t growing?


Reasons of Being Unsuccessful

Ego Problem

EGO is something that means “Eliminating Growing Opportunities” which usually occurs when someone tells us something which is contradictory to our perspectives, it happens in various situations even if i talk about relationship or any career related issues, our EGO comes between the delivery and interpretation of the given message.

Our ego usually comes out when we listen to a person who is of our same age, why it happens?

Because our mind resists us to accept the fact that the person in front knows more than us if he is of our same age, and that’s why we are unable to get the real meaning of the message that is given by anyone.

Same thing happens in any kind of relationship, everyone wants to be listened but no one wants to listen, this is our problem.

So, the first step isĀ to listen, no matter whether a kid or an old person is giving you a message, just listen.

Lack of Learning Attitude

Secondly, the problem is correlated to our ego problem, we are ready to give advise to everyone but we are not ready to learn, due to our ego.

Lack of Learning Attitude
Lack of Learning Attitude

Our society has made our mindset that we can learn only from the persons who are ahead of us and because of this mindset we are not ready to learn something from a person who is not ahead of us, but this is also a misconception of us, we are ahead of that underestimated person in our mind only, but reality is different.

Well, I think that we can learn a lot even from a person who has achieved nothing in his life, we can learn that despite of all those failures, that person has courage to keep trying, he is not quitting or acting like a coward!

See, we have learnt the greatest lesson from a person who is nothing but just a failure for society!

So, step 2 is to keep learning, whether its your partner, its your colleague, your competitor, your enemy, your friend, a stranger or even from yourself, because “Our best teacher is our last mistake”!

So, keep learning from everyone, keep analyzing and never judge anyone!

The World is a University
The World is a University

Attachment to Comfort Zone

Now, here’s one of the main points, our attachment to the comfort zone is extended to that extent at which we can compromise our life for staying in that comfort zone.

Anyone can work within a comfort zone, but not everyone can get success within that zone.
Same as in relationships, anyone can do normal things for other person so, comfort zone also exists in relationships also.

Here’s the reason, why we are so much attached to the comfort zone?

Our mind is designed in such a way that it wants us to feel comfort, that’s why whenever we hear or do things that discomforts us, then our mind tries to avoid it as much as possible, our mind resists us to go for a risk as it will harm that comfort. Thus, this is the reason for our attachment to comfort zone.

That’s why people say “Control your mind to become successful”!

So, step 3 is controlling your mind and getting out of the comfort zone!

Fear of Failure

Some people never try a new thing because they fear the failure, and some people start with a little bit courage but the fear of failure defeats them and they fail!

Fear of Failure
Fear of Failure

But we should ask a question to ourselves, how can we do something big in our life without facing a single failure?

If we remove our fear, then we will try a lot of new things and learn a lot then eventually, we will succeed!

So, once we remove the fear of failure then nothing can stop us! No Risk, No Gain, simple rule of success.

So, step 4 is removing the fear of failure from inside us.

Mediocre Thinking

This is one of the main reasons why people are unsuccessful today.


Actually our mind has developed in a society where getting a government job is considered enough for the life and thus, most of people don’t go beyond it!

We are taught to focus on studies and getting marks rather than doing something extra with studies.

Nowadays,everyone has become a “big mouth”, you can see that the people are using quotes related to success on whatsapp and facebook,and people are talking about big things and big dreams but none of them has the courage to take actions for it, even if you say them to take one step towards success, they will start giving excuses.

People are afraid to think big,that’s why they don’t become the one those who do big. Even a relationship doesn’t lasts longer if there exists a mediocre thinking instead of different thinking.

So, next step is to develop your thinking towards big things and leave thinking as a mediocre.

Prejudice / Premature Evaluation

Sometimes we conclude the things before it get completed, sometimes we do this judgment on the basis of our insufficient knowledge and sometimes we believe in someone else’s insufficient knowledge.

Premature Evaluation
Premature Evaluation

Sometimes this habit ruins our vision and learning capabilities as we are not ready to know the things properly and we judge things on the basis of what we’ve seen and what we’ve listened from others.

Similarly,in relationships we judge the other person on premature basis without knowing the whole matter which ruins our relationships.

So, this habit deprives us from various opportunities that can help us become successful.

Taken-Granted Behavior

A lot of people take opportunities in grant and when they lose that opportunity they blame their destiny!

Taken for Granted Quote About not being Appreciated
Taken for Granted Quote About not being Appreciated

Everyone wants to do the same thing as the herd is doing and want to get the results so high as they’ve done something unique!

When someone introduces them to a new concept that shakes their thinking capability and that forces their mind to think, they usually ignore it. They usually think that nothing happens from these things even they have seen the people who succeeded from that concept but they still gives excuse, sorry to say mate,you are giving excuses to yourself.

If you will take life as granted then one day life will take you as granted!

Wrong Utilization of Time

This is one of the main reasons of the failure in life!


Nowadays,people are wasting their time in leisure activities just to find temporary fun, some of the activities are being in a relationship, wandering at places with your friends (for those who do it often) etc.

If someone invites them for something good that can help in future, they just make illogical excuses and represent their normal activity in such a way like if they missed that activity then maybe their whole future is gonna spoil!

They are ready to invest their time in such activities where there is no return but they don’t want to go somewhere where there is a chance to get return.

Well,if you fall in this category, then i would like to tell you that if you can’t take an initiative to get success then don’t even dare to dream about success, because success seeks to those who seeks it!

Self-Under/Over Estimation

Some people underestimate themselves up to that extent even they don’t even try for something new as they’re unknown to their capabilities.Thus,they ruins their future by comparing themselves to the other people without knowing their own unique strength.


While some of them are too much confident about themselves as they know each and everything without knowing the fact that they have insufficient knowledge of everything.Even these kind of people ruin their future as they keep themselves in a delusion that they know everything!

So, just be confident and believe that you have some unique capabilities, no matter you have found it or not!

Lack of Vision

Some people have no clarity about what they want to do in their life and neither they want to!

Lack of Vision
Lack of Vision

They usually are struggling in a life which has no direction. Most of us are running for money which is usually misinterpreted as a vision, but it’s not!

Earning money is a part of life, it’s not a vision. A vision is “the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom” but the problem is we don’t use wisdom and we have an imagination of a mediocre that’s why our visions are too small as we don’t have great imagination. So,think high and become great!

Focusing Towards Temporary Things

A lot of people wants to do something but what they do is just focus towards temporary things, they put all their energy and focus towards a situation which is temporary.


Many of us suffer through various problems maybe it is related to your relations,or your personal life, your failures or any other thing. A lot of time we get affected by these situation to that extent where we don’t know what we are doing!

We often lose or miss the life changing opportunities because of these situations. You can’t get success unless you keep aside your emotions from your goals. Keep your personal life, educational life, professional life and spiritual life separate and never let any of them interfere in other one.


This is the basic human tendency to blame others,no matter you accept it or not but still you are doing this.

Blaming Others
Blaming Others

Many of us got failed because of our faults but we continue to blame others maybe our parents,our friends or our destiny, but it’s ain’t gonna change anything. You have to accept your fault and learn from it.

Some people take it in a wrong way and start blaming themselves and thus, usually end up falling in depression, but NO, its not that what it means.

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It means you have to be responsible for your actions, don’t depend on anyone and if you are trying something new then you must give your 100% but be ready for the failures too as this is your first time. So, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.

Running Away from Right People

Usually people avoid the right kind of people as they don’t wanna listen to someone who forces them to level up. Right people shows us right path but actually people wanna follow the herd, why?

Running Away from Right People
Running Away from Right People

People follow the herd as they are afraid to be alone, they are afraid to fall alone as they always depend on others to pick them up. They follow the herd as they are not afraid of failure in that herd because they know all of them will fail together.

That’s why people usually avoid right people as they always choose to walk on different path and prefer to be unique rather than following the herd. So, be with someone who shows you the reality and forces you to level up!

Quitting Rather than Continuing

Some people shows dare to walk on the different and narrow path of success but they often fail as they lack the courage to continue! The obstacles and hindrances usually takeover their inner fire.

These kind of people are just motivated and not inspired! Motivation is something that gives courage and confidence to take an initiative and that’s why it is temporary. Inspiration is something that gives you courage and confidence to take that initiative as well as that inner fire that helps you to remain decisive during the toughest times.

So,be Inspired rather than Motivated. All of these are the main reasons of our failures and the most irony thing is that most of the people know all these things but still follow the same path. Theoretically they have the best knowledge and they can give best advises to the others but it is difficult for them to walk on their own principles ans advises.

So, Don’t be theoretical and start being practical as it is better to know 5 right things and follow it rather than knowing 100 things and following none of them! Hand writing Time for Change concept with red marker on transparent wipe board.


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